5 Factors That Have an Impact On Your Wedding Photography

Wedding is the most awaited event of any person’s life. Pictures are a way of looking back at these memories and reliving the moments. To make your pictures perfect to revive the memory without any defects, here are a few tips for you:


Good lighting is very very important for a perfect picture. Not enough emphasis can be given on this point. Some locations have very dim lights and some people prefer to keep the venue dim intentionally. Using flash may become vital in such cases but to make the pictures look flawless use flash diffusers or a lens with image stabiliser.

Use two cameras

Use one camera for candids and shots of the venue and the other for planned and organised shots. Different lenses can also be used on each camera, one with a long lens and one with a wider lens to capture wider shots.

Give attention to small details

Capture pictures of small things such as shoes, wedding rings, flowers, backs of dresses, table setting, menu etc. This gives more perspective and looks perfect at the end of the album.

Scout the location

While I am sure most pros don’t do it, it is a nice way to get familiar to the budget wedding venues perth before the big day. If the couple has some spare time, visiting the venue with the couple and taking a few test shots may be beneficial to see where the light is coming in from and what poses suit the couple.

Shot list

Create a shot list, shortlist all the relatives you want a picture with and tell the photographer before the main event. Also shortlist the poses you want a picture in so that the photographer knows what exactly are you expecting from your wedding pictures. It can help the photographer in particular as well, then can tick off the poses and relatives the couple takes a picture with.

Planning the Perfect Getaway with Your Husband? Top Locations You Can Visit

A romantic getaway central coast with your husband would be the most ideal way to spend the weekend after the busy schedule throughout the week. It will without a doubt bring positive effect on your mood, not only strengthen your relationship but will give you time to talk more about life with your partner. Forget about the stress, explore the world  and rediscover yourself. Here are some of the top locations you can visit and can enjoy the most out of it.


Maldives would be the place recorded as a standout among the most wonderful places on earth. This place is surrounded by water and white sand beaches, making you feel relaxed. Diving in the sea would be very memorable as you can see many fishes and corals. The view at night is mesmerising. No wonder why it is said to be ‘the tropical paradise’.


No other place can be similar with the sheer magnificence of Santorini. The breath-taking view you can have after reaching the volcanic folders over the ocean is totally spellbinding. It’s the place of your dreams. Small towns at the top of cliffs are enchanting.  From that point you can witness the eye-catching sunset which will wrap up your day perfectly. Words can’t do justice to describe the beauty of this place.


If you want to visit a place with historic and cultural background then Istanbul has this all. It is economical, cultural and historical centre of turkey. Istanbul has a new side as well as old, traditional and trendy. Sitting by the seashore having a turkish tea and watching the fishers doing their work all of this accompanied by the seagulls. You can find yourself surrounded by many historic buildings that will define their culture. The cruise dinner in the Bosphorus sea is definitely the one thing which will make your evening more romantic.


The city of light and the city of love, Paris has everything. It has elegance, it has beautiful scenic views of city’s nightlife, it has passionate people and so much more. You can never get bored as there is always something more excellent around the next corner. There are tours, theme parks, shows, night clubs, restaurants and bundle of much more activities. Walking down the alleys and feeling love noticeable all around is the thing that you need.


Bali is one of the jaw dropping gem of planet. With the 45 waterfalls, temples and forests, Bali has everything to fill your heart with joy significantly. Climbing the greenery and afterwards swimming in the waterfall will have a remarkable experience. When in Bali, you simply have to follow your heart and explore greater amount of its extraordinary sights.

7 tips to choose the wedding cake

Everyone loves the wedding cake, even after a long lunch, a little corner for dessert always remains. And every guest eagerly awaits the moment of presentation of the dessert, because the wedding cake is always a surprise. There are endless combinations that you can choose: form, taste, decoration … The cut of the cake is the highlight of the reception: the newlyweds cut it together, but few know why. Symbolically we celebrate the loss of virginity of the bride on the wedding night …

The more the spouses are informed about the style of the various cakes, the better they will choose. Here are some tips from Matrimonioaparma.it.

What are the types of cake?

1.The typical wedding cake is the one on the floors (three or five). According to tradition, a cake had to be high to give privacy to the kiss between the couple. The recipe includes a stuffed sponge cake, covered with cream and colored sugar decorations.

  1. Classic and typical of Italian culture is the single-layer cake. Millefeuille, with fruit or sponge cake and cream can be round or rectangular, decorated with traditional figurines of the spouses. It is an elegant and sober choice, which can be rejuvenated by choosing the personalized and witty cake topper of the newlyweds.
  2. Certainly more obvious, they are the typical flat cakes of the USA, real sculptures. The sponge cake is stuffed with very firm filling (the frosting is usually prepared with spreadable cheese, sugar and butter) and entirely covered by the sugar paste with which the cake design is made. Suitable especially for winter weddings or evening receptions because the icing tends to melt away carrying all the mini decorative sculptures in sugar paste.
  3. The single-portion or pyramid-shaped cake is made up of many mini cakes that are placed on various backsplashes. Each cake is decorated according to the mise en place of the ceremony. It is a choice that adapts to a small number of guests.
  4. The most trendy cake this year is naked cake. It is a flat cake in which each cake is stuffed in layers but without a final coating of cream, icing or sugar paste. Typical of country chic and boho chic weddings, it is decorated mainly with flowers or fruit.

How to choose the right cake.

  1. Start early to look for your wedding cake, at least 5 months before the wedding, when you still have time and there is still no frenzy in the preparations.
  2. Ask the room in which you will be organizing the reception, if you have a list of reliable suppliers.
  3. Consider the availability of fruit and flowers, the temperature more or less suitable for the frosting of the season in which you will marry.
  4. Search online for photos of cakes and compare with friends and friends who can tell you about their experience.
  5. Through word of mouth you can contact and test pastry chefs that you could not find on your own.
  6. Choose a style for the wedding and fit the details, especially the cake. Classic, geometric, romantic, rustic: the photos will accompany you throughout your life.
  7. Evaluate how long the cake will be displayed on the table of sweets: the naked ones lose the fragrance more easily, while those covered with sugar paste are sensitive to heat.
  8. Search for your supplier on matrimonioaparma.it and request a free estimate.

The perfect dress for every bride

Every woman, for the day of the long-awaited “yes” wants to turn into a real princess. To do this it is essential to choose the perfect wedding dress, selecting it carefully within the rich offer on the sector market. The general advice, in any case, is to take time to decide, relying on the advice of clothing experts and, why not, their mother.


One of the first considerations to make is that concerning the physical aspect. Every bride in fact has a body of its own and therefore needs a dress that can fit perfectly.

Women who have a perfectly proportioned body can point, for example, on a mermaid dress, able to perfectly enhance the lines of the body. Different is the discourse that can be done for girls who have rather narrow shoulders and wider sides: in this case, in fact, the best dress is the Empire style, which perfectly follows the sinuosity of the body and allows you to slimmer the best figure female.

The aforementioned mermaid model, on the other hand, is perfect for brides with wide shoulders and narrow hips, while women who have two parts of the same length can opt for dresses that can highlight the feminine curves, such as those richly decorated.


Once you have chosen the type of dress you can move on to the selection of the fabric. Currently there are many types available to brides, each of which has features that make it unique.

One of the most suitable materials is the lace, characterized by an innate elegance and a great lightness. Who prefers wearability and practicality – without forgetting the aesthetic aspect – can instead focus on the satin, which is also distinguished by a particular refinement. The “tulle” fabrics are still very popular, especially for the skirts and, consequently, to take into account not only for brides but also for bridesmaids and guests invited to the wedding ceremony.

Women who want to emphasize their feminine forms, instead, find in taffeta a stiffer fabric – but not less comfortable – and, consequently, perfect for shaping the bride’s body.

If you want to dare in a little more, finally, you can lean for a dress made of organza, an elegant material that can give pleasant effects of transparency.