5 Factors That Have an Impact On Your Wedding Photography

Wedding is the most awaited event of any person’s life. Pictures are a way of looking back at these memories and reliving the moments. To make your pictures perfect to revive the memory without any defects, here are a few tips for you:


Good lighting is very very important for a perfect picture. Not enough emphasis can be given on this point. Some locations have very dim lights and some people prefer to keep the venue dim intentionally. Using flash may become vital in such cases but to make the pictures look flawless use flash diffusers or a lens with image stabiliser.

Use two cameras

Use one camera for candids and shots of the venue and the other for planned and organised shots. Different lenses can also be used on each camera, one with a long lens and one with a wider lens to capture wider shots.

Give attention to small details

Capture pictures of small things such as shoes, wedding rings, flowers, backs of dresses, table setting, menu etc. This gives more perspective and looks perfect at the end of the album.

Scout the location

While I am sure most pros don’t do it, it is a nice way to get familiar to the budget wedding venues perth before the big day. If the couple has some spare time, visiting the venue with the couple and taking a few test shots may be beneficial to see where the light is coming in from and what poses suit the couple.

Shot list

Create a shot list, shortlist all the relatives you want a picture with and tell the photographer before the main event. Also shortlist the poses you want a picture in so that the photographer knows what exactly are you expecting from your wedding pictures. It can help the photographer in particular as well, then can tick off the poses and relatives the couple takes a picture with.

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