7 tips to choose the wedding cake

Everyone loves the wedding cake, even after a long lunch, a little corner for dessert always remains. And every guest eagerly awaits the moment of presentation of the dessert, because the wedding cake is always a surprise. There are endless combinations that you can choose: form, taste, decoration … The cut of the cake is the highlight of the reception: the newlyweds cut it together, but few know why. Symbolically we celebrate the loss of virginity of the bride on the wedding night …

The more the spouses are informed about the style of the various cakes, the better they will choose. Here are some tips from Matrimonioaparma.it.

What are the types of cake?

1.The typical wedding cake is the one on the floors (three or five). According to tradition, a cake had to be high to give privacy to the kiss between the couple. The recipe includes a stuffed sponge cake, covered with cream and colored sugar decorations.

  1. Classic and typical of Italian culture is the single-layer cake. Millefeuille, with fruit or sponge cake and cream can be round or rectangular, decorated with traditional figurines of the spouses. It is an elegant and sober choice, which can be rejuvenated by choosing the personalized and witty cake topper of the newlyweds.
  2. Certainly more obvious, they are the typical flat cakes of the USA, real sculptures. The sponge cake is stuffed with very firm filling (the frosting is usually prepared with spreadable cheese, sugar and butter) and entirely covered by the sugar paste with which the cake design is made. Suitable especially for winter weddings or evening receptions because the icing tends to melt away carrying all the mini decorative sculptures in sugar paste.
  3. The single-portion or pyramid-shaped cake is made up of many mini cakes that are placed on various backsplashes. Each cake is decorated according to the mise en place of the ceremony. It is a choice that adapts to a small number of guests.
  4. The most trendy cake this year is naked cake. It is a flat cake in which each cake is stuffed in layers but without a final coating of cream, icing or sugar paste. Typical of country chic and boho chic weddings, it is decorated mainly with flowers or fruit.

How to choose the right cake.

  1. Start early to look for your wedding cake, at least 5 months before the wedding, when you still have time and there is still no frenzy in the preparations.
  2. Ask the room in which you will be organizing the reception, if you have a list of reliable suppliers.
  3. Consider the availability of fruit and flowers, the temperature more or less suitable for the frosting of the season in which you will marry.
  4. Search online for photos of cakes and compare with friends and friends who can tell you about their experience.
  5. Through word of mouth you can contact and test pastry chefs that you could not find on your own.
  6. Choose a style for the wedding and fit the details, especially the cake. Classic, geometric, romantic, rustic: the photos will accompany you throughout your life.
  7. Evaluate how long the cake will be displayed on the table of sweets: the naked ones lose the fragrance more easily, while those covered with sugar paste are sensitive to heat.
  8. Search for your supplier on matrimonioaparma.it and request a free estimate.
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